5 Instagrammers to Follow for Major Bridal Makeup Inspiration

Happy New Year, friends.  For many of you it’s the first day back to work for the year (blah).  Getting back into routine is a tad bittersweet for myself as I’m a big fan of lazing around watching re-runs of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but I also love having a routine.  It helps to keep me organized and sane! Okay, okay, enough about me!
We’ve just come out of the holidays and for many couples in Canada and around the globe, that means you may also have a shiny new ring on your finger! Did you know that 3 out of the 4 most popular days to get engaged are in December alone? YOWZA. That’s a lot of diamonds. This year, we’re starting off the blogging season with a new series that I’m hoping will help brides-to-be gather inspiration for their big day.  Every month, I will be recommending some of my favourite instagrammers to you that are amazing inspiration for all things bridal.
Today, we start the series with my  top picks of instagrammers I think you should be following for the best bridal makeup inspiration. Here we go!

This instagrammer has got it going on. Anna is a makeup artist from Virginia who specializes in both weddings and editorials. Her feed is full of romantic, natural bridal makeup that will take your breath away.


These two are local makeup artists from Toronto! Just by scrolling through their feed, it’s easy to see that they give every client a totally different look that compliments the unique style of their wedding.


This makeup artist hails from Denmark and currently resides in Paris but is a freelancer all around the world. Not only will you get some major makeup inspo from here, but some travel inspiration as well!


These makeup artists do it all.  Natural, glam, ethereal, boho, classic…you name it! Take one look at this feed and you’ll be scrolling for days.


This Instagram feed is what dreams are made of, seriously.  Everything about Chiali’s work is soft, romantic and timeless.  I promise you will get all sorts of inspiration from her work!


Who are your favourite bridal makeup instagrammers to follow? Let us know in the comment section below! Don’t forget to check back next month for more instagrammers that will give you major wedding inspiration!


Wedding Favourites 2016 [Natural Light Photographer][Light and Airy Photography][C&E Collective]

WHY IT’S MY FAV: This was one of my favourite wedding rings of the season (I feel like I say that about every ring but what can I say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend). I love being able to incorporate elements of a wedding day into my ring shots and for this one, I was able to use the bride’s stunning lace dress!
WHY IT’S MY FAV: I just love these two.  This is Josh and Vanessa, my cousin and her new husband. Vanessa was the most relaxed bride and she had so much faith in me it was the biggest confidence booster for the start of my 2016 season.  I also LOVE the baby’s breath scattered throughout her braid.  It was a huge trend this year and I’m hoping it will continue into next year’s weddings!
WHY IT’S MY FAV: I love being able to capture all of the little details of a wedding day that the bride has picked out – especially at the start of the day.  Getting ready rooms always have the best buzz and excitement that I love being apart of and I think that translates into the photos taken at the beginning of the day!
WHY IT’S MY FAV: Gosh I love this bridal portrait.  There are some photos that I need to get home to see on the big screen before I really start to love them, but with this photo I knew straight away it would be a favourite.  Kait is so stunning and I think her excitement shines through the camera.  Also that flower crown, I mean…it’s perfection.
WHY IT’S MY FAV: You would never guess it, but this photo was taken right in the heart of downtown Hamilton.  The thing that I love most about that city is all of its hidden gems and this secret garden was no exception.  Tim and Sandi were married within these walls and the whole day was stunning!
WHY IT’S MY FAV: I had no idea what to expect for Rafaela’s dress as her and Michael were having a second, larger, celebration in her home country, Brazil.  Let me tell you I was not disappointed! It was the cutest cocktail length dress with the most incredible beading I have ever laid eyes on. I hope she gets another chance to wear this beauty!
WHY IT’S MY FAV: Oh these two were just so incredibly sweet with each other and that’s why this is the first of many favourites from their September wedding.  I love the unexpected pop of yellow from the Black Eyed Susans poking through in the background in this photo.
WHY IT’S MY FAV: Flowers and rings and all of the pretty things. Shout out to my friend Kate for helping me out with this ring shot by holding the stem of the flower up, I seriously couldn’t have done it without you 😉
WHY IT’S MY FAV: I like to live vicariously through other people because I love tattoos but am too much of a baby to ever get one (also my Mom might kill me (also, hi Mom)). Jay had his fiancée’s name tattooed on his hand and right when I saw it I was all “hold that hand there, I need a picture”.
WHY IT’S MY FAV: This dress was so unique.  All of the layers with the beaded bodice (what am I, a Say Yes to the Dress consultant?) made for one stunning dress.  Marta carried this gown so well, she made for one heck of a bride!
WHY IT’S MY FAV: Oh these guys! This bridal party was so fun.  I spent all morning with them while they were getting ready and by the end of the night I was deemed their token white girl.  I’ve never felt so special.
WHY IT’S MY FAV: Gosh I love a good headless shot. The cloudiness of this day created a soft light that we don’t get very often during the summer months but this day in October was overcast and glorious. I also absolutely love Molly’s romantic lace dress and her bouquet was a favourite of mine from the year!
WHY IT’S MY FAV: This was hand’s down my favourite bouquet of the year.  Not only were the colours gorgeous but the bride, Nicole, had a charm with her mother’s photo in it attached to the stem so she could carry the memory of her mother with her the entire day. Just beautiful!
WHY IT’S MY FAV:  This was the first wedding I had ever shot in the Distillery District and it did not disappoint.  For a girl who is used to shooting in nature with no one around, this came with a unique set of challenges.  Thankfully Priya and Nathan weren’t shy about posing in front of strangers and I was delighted with how their wedding gallery turned out!
WHY IT’S MY FAV: Be still my heart.  This is my little nephew and his Uncle Tim.  This little guy wasn’t actually in the bridal party but they matched so perfectly we had to grab of shot of them. Bowties and suspenders will never go out of style (says me, your personal stylist).
WHY IT’S MY FAV: Oh look, another ring shot.  No surprise here.  I think my camera lens just gravitates towards wedding rings.  In my defense, the brides of 2016 had some huge, shiny diamonds.  I just can’t resist.
WHY IT’S MY FAV: I absolutely love the way the sunlight is hitting Andrew and Michelle in this picture.  It’s giving them the perfect glow. I was also a huge fan of this photo location.  Rocky with tons of huge trees and right by the water.  It reminded me of cottage country and if there’s one thing I love, it’s cottage country.
WHY IT’S MY FAV: Remember way up near the top of this post when I said how baby’s breath was a huge trend this year…case and point.  I loved Allysin’s updo with flowers all throughout. I think it’s the perfect alternative for brides who love flower crowns but don’t want to fully commit. Also I love the simplicity and minimalism of this image.
WHY IT’S MY FAV: More rings, I know, I need to stop. But seriously people, SO PRETTY. I swear my job entails more than just staring at shiny things all day.
WHY IT’S MY FAV: Oh Lanie you are so incredibly joyful! Your smile was contagious on your wedding day.  I think if you had of taken of photo of me taking a photo of her (can you say Inception?), I would have had the biggest smile on my face because this day was just full of happiness!
WHY IT’S MY FAV: This reception space was decorated to perfection.  As we all know by now, I love romantic décor and this room was full of it! From roses, to hydrangeas, to lace to brush lettered signage.  I was a huge fan of it all and I have the 9,876 pictures to prove it.
WHY IT’S MY FAV: I love the way the trees are framing Lanie and Brandt in this images.  I also used a tilt-shift effect which softens the entire images and I love me some soft imagery!

And there we have it folks.  My list of favourite wedding images from 2016 and my last blog post of the year! It’s a little strange and bittersweet to say goodbye to this year.  I’ve had the privilege of working and learning from so many amazing photographers this year (Mike Streeter, Pure Aperture, Kate Watkinson, Denise Belanger, Veronica Paulsen and Julie Broadbendt – just to name a few). I am sincerely thankful for all of these people who have made my wedding season so much better! I would also like to thank all of the brides, grooms, couples and families who have trusted me with capturing the most important moments of your life this year!

I am so looking forward to 2017 and what the year has to hold for me and my business!

Catch you on the flippity-flip!

2016 Engagement Favourites [Engagement Photos][C&E Collective]

WHY IT’S MY FAV: This was one of my absolute favourite rings of this wedding + engagement season.  It’s so beautifully unique.  I haven’t seen a ring like it since + my bet is that I won’t see a ring quite like it again. Rafaela also had the perfect hands for modelling with a soft pink manicure to boot!
WHY IT’S MY FAV: I love the easiness of this photo.  Jamie’s hair also did this perfect little flip when she turned around to look at me + HELLO, I love a good hair flip.  I’m also a huge fan of the tones in this photo – soft + creamy + just the way I like them!
WHY IT’S MY FAV: I love the expression on Carly’s face in this photo.  She’s giving my camera the smize it deserves.  Even though I’d like to credit my photography skills for this one, I really don’t think these two could take a bad photo if their life depended on it!
WHY IT’S MY FAV: I think by now you’ve probably realized how much I love that golden sunlight at dawn + dusk.  It reminds me of Pride and Prejudice (my all-time favourite movie) and there’s nothing more romantic to me! This photo was taken on the side of a country road proving that you can make any location magical!
WHY IT’S MY FAV: This photo is so fun to me! I brought along sparklers to Vanessa + Josh’s engagement session + luckily for me, they were totally down to trying anything! Turns out the sparklers were terrible (shame on my for buying them at the dollar store) but we managed to get some pretty sweet pictures nonetheless!
WHY IT’S MY FAV: Oh look, more golden light. It will just never get old for me.  Jess, Adam + I snuck onto a field to grab this shot and it was so worth it! Also another fun note, these two hadn’t announced their engagement yet which was super fun for me to be apart of…I love a good secret!
WHY IT’S MY FAV:  First of all getting Tim (my brother-in-law) to smile is basically like pulling teeth so I consider this shot a huge win! Also I love that these two are smiling in the exact same way…the cutest.
WHY IT’S MY FAV: I absolutely love the symmetry, lightness + hues of this image. Anytime I’m able to shoot by the water makes me giddy with joy! I’ve loved the lake ever since I was a little girl so whenever I get the chance to photograph near it, I jump at the opportunity!
WHY IT’S MY FAV: This is my brother + new sister-in-law Rachel and they look so genuinely happy in this photo I had to post it. I also find the bokeh in this image particularly beautiful.
WHY IT’S MY FAV: Okay so this one technically isn’t an engagement photo but I really wanted to throw it into the mix anyways.  I wanted to shoot at the local county fair this year with all of the lights + colours, I thought it would make for a super cute photo session! Josiah + Sarah tagged along with me for the evening (and were seriously the best models a girl could ask for) + the images turned out exactly how I had envisioned!
WHY IT’S MY FAV: This year has been a wonderful year of learning + growing for me in the art of photography.  This image represents a number of different things that I’ve been working on.  One is shooting tack sharp images from a distance + two is learning different editing techniques – both which I hope to have nailed in this image (but I’ll let you be the judge…)
WHY IT’S MY FAV: Another shot of Carly + James and their model selves because they are a photographer’s dream.  I particularly love this image because it showcases Carly’s gorgeous vintage ring + that soft summer light!

WHEW! So many images, so little time. Keep an eye out later this week as we round out the year with my favourite wedding images of 2016!

Nate + Corinne [Christmas Tree Farm Photos][Snowy Couple Pictures][C&E Collective]

Sitting here listening to a Charlie Brown Christmas + feeling all sorts of festive.  Well – minus the nasty flu virus I’ve seem to have contracted by hey, a little sickness ain’t gonna damper my Christmas-cheer.  If you weren’t feeling jolly enough already, here’s Corinne + Nate + their sweet dog Sasha to put you in the holiday spirit.  Corinne was SO hoping for snow for their session + did she ever get lucky! The first snowfall of the season was an unexpected one but we welcomed it with open arms.  Something about that fresh snow sitting on top of all the trees at CJ’s Christmas Tree Farm was crazy magical + I loved every second of it! I hope you enjoy the photos of their snowy winter couple session!dsc_0001


2016 Lifestyle + Family Favourites


WHY IT’S MY FAV: Where do I start? This is my good friend Kate.  She had just graduated from her undergrad + I was so stinking proud of her.  Add to that the golden light + that killer smize? A winning combo making it the first on my list of favourite lifestyle photos for the year!
DATE: June 14/16
SETTINGS: 50mm f1.8 1/1000sec. ISO200


WHY IT’S MY FAV: I mean, just look at those faces and tell me you wouldn’t put this in your favourites for the year.  Also stoked that this client was so thrilled with her family pictures that she ordered 7 canvases of her favourite images from the session (that’s right, 7!).
DATE: October 7/16
SETTINGS:50mm f2.8 1/400sec. ISO400


WHY IT’S MY FAV: This one was a bit of a challenge for me I must admit.  That handsome dude in the picture? Ya, he hates his photo being taken so I was forced to get creative! Nothing like a picture where you’re not even looking at the camera, amirite? An even bigger win when I got home and realized that he was actually smiling! EH OH!
DATE: September 12/16
SETTINGS: 50mm f2.2 1/200sec. ISO400


WHY IT’S MY FAV: There are a couple of reasons why this image stands out to me.  First of all because that’s my sweet friend Laura + her beautiful little girl Lettie.  Laura is just the best Mom + I loved being able to capture the love she has for her babe.  Another reason this image is a favourite is that I absolutely HATE the month of November so being able to capture this sweet light made me realize that golden light isn’t just for the summer months.
DATE: November 17/16
SETTINGS: 85mm f2.8 1/640sec. ISO400


WHY IT’S MY FAV: This image just screams summer to me and that’s my favourite season so why wouldn’t I love it!  Also there are lilacs in the image and I can practically smell them through the screen.  Also that gorgeous model in the image is a dear friend of mine and she is just the absolute sweetest and was such a trooper for my vision with this shoot.
DATE: May 30/16
SETTINGS: 50mm f2.8 1/200sec. ISO250


WHY IT’S MY FAV: Anyone who photographs kids (I’m looking at you parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and the list goes on) knows how difficult it can be to get the perfect shot.  This image was a huge win for me with two kiddos running around at this session.  She was such a sweetie + gave me this adorable look while sitting on her Mama’s lap and it just melted my heart!
DATE: October 11/16
SETTINGS: 85mm f2.8 1/800sec. ISO250


WHY IT’S MY FAV: Just look at those chubby little cheeks and those sweet little eyes! This is my niece Nora and my goodness she is just a doll. I love her pensive look in the image and the way she is holding on so tightly to her stuffed animal.  Way to go Nora, making me want babies and stuff.
DATE: October 23/16
SETTINGS: 85mm f2.8 1/1250sec. ISO250


WHY IT’S MY FAV: This is a shot from Liz + Laura’s sister session.  I prompted them to splash their feet in the water and I loved that they did the exact same thing at the exact same time.  I feel like it’s just the epitome of twinning and they are actual twins so it really couldn’t get any better.
DATE: June 26/16
SETTINGS: 50mm f1.8 1/4000sec. ISO400


WHY IT’S A FAV: This had to be one of the coldest days of the year.  Okay no, not really but geez it was freezing for May! Even though it was cold, the light this day was so soft and beautiful, and made everyone look amazing and I was a big fan.  Oh and did I mention this is my family? If you can find me in this crowd I’ll give you $5 (no I won’t please don’t ask me for it)
DATE: May 1/16
SETTINGS: 50mm f2.8 1/1250sec. ISO320


WHY IT’S MY FAV: Gosh I just love it when kiddos hold hands! Photographing in a forest can sometimes be a bit tricky as it tends to get a little dark for my liking, but on that day, the sun was hitting the background just perfectly creating the perfect amount of light and softness.  Huge win!
DATE: September 12/16
SETTINGS: 50mm f2.8 1/160sec. ISO400


WHY IT’S MY FAV: That’s my sweet Mama! Basically that’s all I need to say because she’s the best.  She’s my Mom, my friend, my encourager, the best baker in the world and the list goes on.  This photo was taken the day before her XXth birthday and she couldn’t look better (did you really think I’d tell you her age?).
DATE: November 12/16
SETTINGS: 50mm f2.8 1/640sec. ISO200


WHY IT’S MY FAV: This lens is one of my favourites to shoot with.  The bokeh (blurred background) is just delightful! It worked especially well with the setting of the train tracks.  Also this little man and his adorable little outfit was too much to handle.  He was such a happy little guy + it was great fun photographing him!
DATE: September 11/16
SETTINGS: 85mm f1.8 1/4000sec. ISO200


WHY IT’S MY FAV: This image just makes me smile.  Miss Miley has the spunkiest little personality and she cracks me up.  Besides Miley’s hilarious expression, I love the relationship these two have and I am very happy I’m able to capture this family!
DATE: October 13/16
SETTINGS: 50mm f2.8 1/320sec ISO400


WHY IT’S MY FAV: Little Jack didn’t like his blue cake so much (in fact I think he was terrified of it) so I was happy to grab these shots before the cake of doom came into play.  He’s such a happy little guy and that hat….I LITERALLY CANNOT
DATE: September 12/16
SETTINGS: 85mm f2.2 1/1000sec. ISO400


WHY IT’S MY FAV: More cuties who also happen to be my nieces and nephew! I love the expressions on all of their faces so much it hurts and the fact that little Cohes is going barefoot, adorable.  A boy after my own heart! Also that end of summer glow is coming through the trees and I think I can hear the angels singing.
DATE: September 12/16
SETTINGS: 50mm f2.8 1/160sec ISO400

WHY IT’S MY FAV: The way Claire was swooning over her new baby boy (only 5 days old!) was the absolute cutest.  I couldn’t get enough of shooting these two together.  The bond was strong with these ones.
DATE: December 8/16
SETTINGS: 50mm f1.8 1/80sec ISO1000

And there you have it! My list of favourites from this year! Keep an eye out on the blog in the next coming weeks because more favourites from 2016 are coming your way!


2017 Wedding Trends we Love

Our list of 2017 trends has arrived. Check out the 7 amazing wedding styles we love + hope to see in next year’s weddings!

1.Romantic Wedding Décor
If you’ve been following me or my business for any amount of time, you can probably see my affection towards all things soft + romantic. My own wedding was based off of Pride + Prejudice so when brides decorate with hydrangeas, roses, blush + creams…I am all about it. Something about a soft pink + neutral palette that does not get old!

Budget brides rejoice! Out with the flowers, in with the greenery.  I am loving the idea of using a less expensive alternative to high priced flowers.  Greenery packs all of the punch of traditional botanicals, just with a smaller-don’t-want-to-faint-at-the-numbers price tag.  Adding greenery to both the ceremony + reception can take a space from zero to hero

3. Whimsical Wedding Décor
There is nothing wrong with adding a touch of whimsy to your big day – in fact, I encourage it.  I love the idea of bringing a fairy tale to life and let’s be honest, this is one and only day you’ll really be able to bring out your inner Disney princess.  Incorporating things such as balloons, banners, paper backdrops + unexpected lighting fixtures will add a touch of whimsy, no matter what venue you’ve chosen.

4. The First Look
As a photographer, I will always be a big proponent of the first look.  There are so many great reasons to skip the tradition + see your groom before the ceremony.  One being the intimacy of the moment.  There is something so special about seeing each other before your entire guest list does – not to mention it makes for some killer photos.

5. Handwritten Fonts
Gosh do I ever love a good font.  I think I could have been a graphic designer in another life just look through all of the amazing fonts that are out there.  Handwritten fonts are all the rage and you’re missing a huge opportunity if you don’t incorporate them into your wedding stationary on some level – but hey, that’s just one non-graphic designer’s opinion.

6. Signage
Sign, sign, everywhere a sign – except for weddings it doesn’t block out the scenery, it creates the scenery.  Signage is such a fun, personal element that can add greatly to the décor of any ceremony and reception space.  I am especially partial to hand panted signs – because like I said above, handwritten fonts are what you’ve been missing in your life.

7. Sequins
No matter what style of décor you prefer, there’s something to be said about sequins.  Whether it be sequin dresses or sparkly tablecloths, the texture of sequins adds a layer of luxury to any wedding.  And I know what you’re thinking, there’s no place for sequins in a barn wedding – but I beg to differ.  The more textures incorporated into your décor, the better.

Agree with our list? Disagree? Have a different trend you love? Leave us a note in the comment section below! We’d love to know what trends you’re crushing on for next season!