A Spring Pastel Wedding [Kitchener Wedding][April Wedding][C&E Collective]

This past weekend I had the pleasure of tagging alongside of Liz Heikoop to assist in shooting this beautiful, spring inspired wedding! We were super lucky to have a sunny day and we took full advantage of it.  Enjoy Rachel + Daniel’s wedding day!DSC_3436DSC_3632DSC_3945DSC_3806DSC_3449DSC_3498DSC_3812DSC_3508DSC_3948DSC_4045DSC_4068DSC_4074DSC_3952DSC_3983DSC_4054DSC_4116DSC_3590DSC_3724DSC_3640DSC_3611DSC_4280DSC_3886DSC_3827DSC_3859DSC_3745DSC_3762DSC_3816DSC_3713DSC_3700DSC_3922DSC_3872DSC_3935DSC_3607DSC_3651DSC_3912DSC_3892DSC_3926DSC_3864DSC_4141DSC_4146DSC_4224


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