2016 Engagement Favourites [Engagement Photos][C&E Collective]

WHY IT’S MY FAV: This was one of my absolute favourite rings of this wedding + engagement season.  It’s so beautifully unique.  I haven’t seen a ring like it since + my bet is that I won’t see a ring quite like it again. Rafaela also had the perfect hands for modelling with a soft pink manicure to boot!
WHY IT’S MY FAV: I love the easiness of this photo.  Jamie’s hair also did this perfect little flip when she turned around to look at me + HELLO, I love a good hair flip.  I’m also a huge fan of the tones in this photo – soft + creamy + just the way I like them!
WHY IT’S MY FAV: I love the expression on Carly’s face in this photo.  She’s giving my camera the smize it deserves.  Even though I’d like to credit my photography skills for this one, I really don’t think these two could take a bad photo if their life depended on it!
WHY IT’S MY FAV: I think by now you’ve probably realized how much I love that golden sunlight at dawn + dusk.  It reminds me of Pride and Prejudice (my all-time favourite movie) and there’s nothing more romantic to me! This photo was taken on the side of a country road proving that you can make any location magical!
WHY IT’S MY FAV: This photo is so fun to me! I brought along sparklers to Vanessa + Josh’s engagement session + luckily for me, they were totally down to trying anything! Turns out the sparklers were terrible (shame on my for buying them at the dollar store) but we managed to get some pretty sweet pictures nonetheless!
WHY IT’S MY FAV: Oh look, more golden light. It will just never get old for me.  Jess, Adam + I snuck onto a field to grab this shot and it was so worth it! Also another fun note, these two hadn’t announced their engagement yet which was super fun for me to be apart of…I love a good secret!
WHY IT’S MY FAV:  First of all getting Tim (my brother-in-law) to smile is basically like pulling teeth so I consider this shot a huge win! Also I love that these two are smiling in the exact same way…the cutest.
WHY IT’S MY FAV: I absolutely love the symmetry, lightness + hues of this image. Anytime I’m able to shoot by the water makes me giddy with joy! I’ve loved the lake ever since I was a little girl so whenever I get the chance to photograph near it, I jump at the opportunity!
WHY IT’S MY FAV: This is my brother + new sister-in-law Rachel and they look so genuinely happy in this photo I had to post it. I also find the bokeh in this image particularly beautiful.
WHY IT’S MY FAV: Okay so this one technically isn’t an engagement photo but I really wanted to throw it into the mix anyways.  I wanted to shoot at the local county fair this year with all of the lights + colours, I thought it would make for a super cute photo session! Josiah + Sarah tagged along with me for the evening (and were seriously the best models a girl could ask for) + the images turned out exactly how I had envisioned!
WHY IT’S MY FAV: This year has been a wonderful year of learning + growing for me in the art of photography.  This image represents a number of different things that I’ve been working on.  One is shooting tack sharp images from a distance + two is learning different editing techniques – both which I hope to have nailed in this image (but I’ll let you be the judge…)
WHY IT’S MY FAV: Another shot of Carly + James and their model selves because they are a photographer’s dream.  I particularly love this image because it showcases Carly’s gorgeous vintage ring + that soft summer light!

WHEW! So many images, so little time. Keep an eye out later this week as we round out the year with my favourite wedding images of 2016!


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