2017 Wedding Trends we Love

Our list of 2017 trends has arrived. Check out the 7 amazing wedding styles we love + hope to see in next year’s weddings!

1.Romantic Wedding Décor
If you’ve been following me or my business for any amount of time, you can probably see my affection towards all things soft + romantic. My own wedding was based off of Pride + Prejudice so when brides decorate with hydrangeas, roses, blush + creams…I am all about it. Something about a soft pink + neutral palette that does not get old!

Budget brides rejoice! Out with the flowers, in with the greenery.  I am loving the idea of using a less expensive alternative to high priced flowers.  Greenery packs all of the punch of traditional botanicals, just with a smaller-don’t-want-to-faint-at-the-numbers price tag.  Adding greenery to both the ceremony + reception can take a space from zero to hero

3. Whimsical Wedding Décor
There is nothing wrong with adding a touch of whimsy to your big day – in fact, I encourage it.  I love the idea of bringing a fairy tale to life and let’s be honest, this is one and only day you’ll really be able to bring out your inner Disney princess.  Incorporating things such as balloons, banners, paper backdrops + unexpected lighting fixtures will add a touch of whimsy, no matter what venue you’ve chosen.

4. The First Look
As a photographer, I will always be a big proponent of the first look.  There are so many great reasons to skip the tradition + see your groom before the ceremony.  One being the intimacy of the moment.  There is something so special about seeing each other before your entire guest list does – not to mention it makes for some killer photos.

5. Handwritten Fonts
Gosh do I ever love a good font.  I think I could have been a graphic designer in another life just look through all of the amazing fonts that are out there.  Handwritten fonts are all the rage and you’re missing a huge opportunity if you don’t incorporate them into your wedding stationary on some level – but hey, that’s just one non-graphic designer’s opinion.

6. Signage
Sign, sign, everywhere a sign – except for weddings it doesn’t block out the scenery, it creates the scenery.  Signage is such a fun, personal element that can add greatly to the décor of any ceremony and reception space.  I am especially partial to hand panted signs – because like I said above, handwritten fonts are what you’ve been missing in your life.

7. Sequins
No matter what style of décor you prefer, there’s something to be said about sequins.  Whether it be sequin dresses or sparkly tablecloths, the texture of sequins adds a layer of luxury to any wedding.  And I know what you’re thinking, there’s no place for sequins in a barn wedding – but I beg to differ.  The more textures incorporated into your décor, the better.

Agree with our list? Disagree? Have a different trend you love? Leave us a note in the comment section below! We’d love to know what trends you’re crushing on for next season!









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