Tim + Sandi [Whitehern Wedding][Hamilton Wedding][C&E Collective]

What a beautiful day.  Tim + Sandi got married this past weekend at the Whitehern gardens in Hamilton, what a sweet little venue.  For those of you that haven’t been there (this was my first time), it’s a secret garden smack dab in the middle of downtown Hamilton and I really couldn’t have imagined a better venue for the this couple.

The day started with Sandi getting prepped at their house. Her dress was AMAZING. Do you see that back?!

Tim’s man accessories were the bomb.

Their first look took place at the gardens. See what I mean with how perfect this venue is?


This is Tim’s nephew and if he’s not the cutest thing you’ve seen all day I’m calling  you a liar 😉

The reception was in Tim + Sandi’s backyard right in the city.  They worked so hard getting it all ready + it looked beautiful!

Big shout-out to Lindsay for being my ice-cream model, you nailed it. Also ice-cream bars FTW.


Congratulations Tim + Sandi, love you both ❤


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